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The New CD "Winding Road" with singer LenaAndersson
was released on June 17 on Spotify.  
To order the physical CD go to:

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Lena Andersson Summer Tour 2022

Hi dear friends! I hope you're all are through with Covid and all that. I'm planning a tour in Sweden this summer. We're releasing a new album in June. The titelsong is "Winding Road". All songs except one are written by me and my husband Tobe who is also the producer and arranger. For my Swedish audience, see my little poster below in Swedish...hope to see you this summer. Here's my email: an_lenahub@hotmail.com

Talangbolaget will also help me with bookings. Their website here

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Lena is a recording artist and performer and her latest single is a sweeping, Americana style country ballad with a message. The single was released in April 2019 . It's in Swedish and the title is

"The Ancient Path". Inspiration for the song comes from Jeremiah 6:16 where it talks about the crossroads and how we are to pick the good path and walk in it. Jesus says: "I am the Way, the Truth and Life" so that's the Way it's talking about.The song describes all the evil in the world today and how the good is being broken down. Lena follows what's happening in her home country Sweden. What used to be a very idyllic, peaceful place is now filled with violence, shootings, riots etc. See the official Music video under Videos. Or click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA_afiT-AuA

Lena Andersson moved to the United States in 2001 when she married her husband Tobe. The first 10 years they lived in California and moved to Phoenix, Arizona 2011. Or rather Peoria which is the name of their little city in North Metro Phoenix. In 2015 Lena released a new CD, "Open Your Heart". It was her first release since the early 80's. She writes all material together with her husband who is also the producer. They also released a Christmas-EP in 2019 . A mix of their own material and some well known standards. More Christmas songs will be added next year. The new CD will  be released in April of this year, 2022, before this summer when Lena will be touring in Sweden. 

Lena became a Christian in 1985 after she through the Holy Spirit had an encounter with Jesus on a beach in Spain. Actually on the island of Mallorca. Her life was completely transformed and she now gets her inspiration from the Bible and her Christian faith.

Lena was touring in Sweden in July and August 2019. Wonderful people and appreciative audiences everywhere.





























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Here are a couple of links to the songs Lena performed on Swedish TV in November 2019