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Lena Andersson Summer Tour 2022

Lena will come to Sweden this summer and she's planning to do some concerts and other performances as well. 

Lena lives in the United States since 2001 when she married her American husband Tobe Hubbard. In her repertoire she has some of her most beloved hit songs but she also has a lot of new material. In 2015 she released a new CD, "Open Your Heart"  with original songs written by herself and her husband Tobe who is also the producer.

A mix of country, southern rock, blues and pop.

A new single was released in May-2019 in Swedish, "Den gamla vägen" where the music video can be seen on Youtube. The same year 2019, she released 3 Christmas songs. All her new music is on Spotify.

Lena loves to throw in a couple of up tempo gospels or Southern rock and she loves to work together with choirs at different churches especially doing gospels.

 The new CD "Winding Road" with 7 new songs were released in June-22. 

Lena is available for TV, Radio, Church Concerts, festivals etc.

Contact Lena direct via or through Talangbolaget. This is their website, click here. You can also contact Billy Heil Management

The Jesus Festival

Lena is invited to participate together with other artists and speakers. 

22/7 - 28/7 i Älmhult

Will be broadcasted live on Channel 10

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Picnic Garden Party with a concert

5th of August in Oskarshamn, More information later

Bring yourself and your own chair and picnic basket. No entrance but you're welcome to give a gift if you feel like it. Lena will be singing and performing from her latest album and of course she will be singing some of her oldies as well.


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