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Straight Road Production

Lena Andersson (Hubbard)

Artist & Songwriter

Tobe Hubbard Producer & Songwriter

Micael Sixtensson Co Producer & SongWriter


Billy Heil Management

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Lena Andersson Summer Tour 2019

Lena will be touring in Sweden July, August and September. Contact her for bookings on or Billy Heil Management

Lena Andersson will be touring in Sweden this summer. She will arrive by the end of June and will tour primarely in July and August and may be extended in to September.  Lena lives in the United States since 2001 when she married her American husband Tobe Hubbard. In her repertoire she has some of her most beloved hit songs but she also has a lot of new material. In 2015 she released a new CD, "Open Your Heart"  with original songs written by herself and her husband. A mix of country, southern rock, blues and pop. She also loves to trow in a couple of up tempo gospels and she loves to work together with choirs at different churches especially doing gospels.

Right now Lena and Tobe are working on new music. A single was released in May. It's in Swedish this time and a music video is under way as well. They are also working on a Christmas album for this fall.

Lena is available for TV, Radio, Church Concerts, festivals etc.

Contact Lena direct via or through Billy Heil Management