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Lena's new CD has a lot of American style instruments like banjo, mandolin and fiddle. Seven songs including the single "Den Gamla Vägen" that was released digitally in 2019. All songs except one is written by Lena and her husband Tobe who is also the producer. Musicians from many different countries are playing on the CD. Lena has done all the artwork for both the cover and the booklet with Lena's lyrics. Below is the official video to the Swedish song. Very current in its message talking about cities in ruins and walls being broken down. Inspired by Jeremiah 6:16 that talks about choosing the ancient good path and walk on it. Jesus says: I am the Way and that's the path it's referring to. Looking at all the violence all around even in the once so idyllic Sweden. We as nations need to turn back to God! That's the message...

Below you can also hear and watch a video from the title song of the new CD, "Winding Road"..


Lena was in a very popular Swedish TV show in November 2019. Click the pictures to see the two different videos.

Official Video Den Gamla Vägen

Video Winding Road

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